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Dog Mushing Race Schedules

Dog Mushing Schedules, ADMA Logo

Note: Since all the organizations involved in dog mushing keep their own schedules, we have found it is more efficient to send you to their web sites for that information, rather than listing information here that goes out of date so quickly.

Some information can be found on our sports calendar. or on the appropriate calendar page (like January/February/March for the Yukon Quest).

Junior Yukon Quest. 170-mile race for mushers ages 14 through 17 from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs and back on the Chena River. Yukon Quest Committee. (907) 452-7954 or 

Challenge Series. Skijoring, 2-dog and open sled dog races. Alaska Dog Musher’s Association. (907) 457-6874 or

Black Gold Run. Two-dog skijoring, 6- and 10-dog class races. Alaska Dog Mushers’ Association. (907) 457-6874 or

Alaska Dog Mushers Association races:

(Click for race results.)

All races are held at the ADMA track on Farmers Loop road unless noted otherwise.

                     Website for above

Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers' Association, Inc.

*Junior North American Championships

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