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Maps of Fairbanks

1. This is an Expedia map showing 2223 S. Cushman (Ranch Motel). It is a little confusing because it seems to say that the Ranch is on Click on map to go to Expedia Site to zoom, print, or link.Stacia Street, but Stacia just parallels Cushman, and Airport does not turn into Gaffney Rd. (which is one block north of Cushman.) North of Airport way on Cushman is considered "downtown", but it is only slightly over 1/2 mile to Airport Way from the Ranch Motel. Of course, the left end of Airport way is at the Airport. To find the Ranch Motel when coming from the Airport, turn right at Cushman, go 1/2 a mile and watch on the left for a big wooden sign up high.

Map byMicrosoft Expedia Maps

2. Or try a Yahoo! map.

[ Yahoo! Maps ]

3. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to read this third map, but it is a good one to print out, and when you zoom in, you will find the streets named. Click in the box below if you do not have an Acrobat Reader. Come back after downloading and installing it and read on.

Get a free reader for PDF files

On this map, the Ranch Motel is located right across Cushman street from #45, at #47 which is incorrectly labeled on the map legend. (There are two #47's).
After you get the Reader, click here to download the Map of Fairbanks from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, in pdf format .

4. Here is a Map of Fairbanks for those without Acrobat Reader (although it only gives about half of town and is not as clear). On this map, the Ranch Motel is located at #4. Downtown is located between the river and Airport Way, intersected by Cushman Street. Click here for the full size image, which you may need to scroll to see.

Map of Fairbanks. Please wait while loading.

5. Here is one more, that someone scanned in from the Visitor Guide. It is not totally accurate, but good enough. Click here to open it up. You will need to maximize your browser window and have fairly good resolution to see it clearly.


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